High Street Family Doctors

243 High Street Penrith NSW 2750

Phone: 02 4721 4702

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Doctor Monday
Dr Bill Moss8:00-7:009:00-7:009:00-7:009:00-7:009:00-7:00
Dr Abdul Barez10:30-6:0010:30-7:0010:30-7:0010:30-7:0010:00-6:00
Dr Sharon Gupta7:00-6:007:00-7:007:00-6:00
Dr Harsh Gambhir7:00-5:007:00-5:007:00-5:009:00-7:00
Dr Shiv Kochhar8:00-7:008:00-6:007:00-6:008:00-6:00
Dr Kim Taylor8:00-2:001:00-7:008:00-2:008:00-2:00
Dr Joel Lee9:00-7:009:00-4:009:00-4:008:00-5:008:00-6:00
Dr Komal Prabhu8:00-6:008.00 - 6.008:00-6:008:00-6:00
Registered Nurse7:00-7:007:00-7:007:00-7:007:00-7:007:00-7:008:30-1:008:30-1:00
Appointments are not required to see a doctor.
On arrival to the practice you may choose to see a particular doctor or see the 鈥渇irst available鈥� doctor.
Triage may be available if you have a single issue.
Registered Nurse:
A Registered Nurse is available Monday to Sunday for immunisations and injections,
Removal of sutures, dressing wounds, health assessments and assessing urgent care.
To ensure confidentiality, test results are not given over the phone; a follow-up consultation is required to discuss their meaning.
On-site patient parking is available for over 30 vehicles.
Languages spoken by doctors include:
English, Dari, Farsi, Pashto, Hindi, Punjabi, Turkish, Mandarin and Sinhalese.
At High Street Family Doctors we aim to provide comprehensive care as well as meeting your immediate needs. While you are waiting to see the doctor, please
prepare a list to discuss at the beginning of your consultation, to include:
路 All new symptoms
路 Prescriptions for reassessment
路 New or follow-up referrals to specialists you may require
路 Recent significant medical events in your family.
Services Available
路 Skin cancer treatment
路 Heart stress testing
路 Asthma management
路 Counseling and Mental health care
路 Immunisation of children
路 Acupuncture for headaches and spinal pains
路 Hormone advice and treatment and implanon
路 Travel - advice and vaccinations
路 Pre-employment medicals
路 Full health assessments, age appropriate check-ups, heart disease,
路 Diabetes management
High Street Family Doctors is a bulk-billing practice. If you do not have a current Medicare card, payment is requested at the time of consultation.
For work-related injuries, fees are payable by the patient, until a claim number is
issued by an insurance company. This usually takes two weeks. Other items that may incur a fee while be discussed with the patient during the consultation.
Medicare Plus:
Medicare will reimburse for 5 treatments by physiotherapy, chiropractic, podiatry, or dietitian, 10 treatments for psychology counselling/year. Please discuss these with your Doctor.
Chemist items:
Some over the counter items are less expensive when purchased on prescription. Please inform the doctor regarding over-the-counter pharmaceutical products you are using, due to possible interactions, or alternatives being available.
Telephone Access:
Telephone access to doctors is not available to patients. If you need to talk to a doctor, please come in for a consult.
After Hours:
Telephone consulting - A doctor from this practice is contactable for telephone consulting on 02 4708 9904. A fee of $35 per 5 minutes is applied to the caller鈥檚 telephone bill.
Bulk Billed after hours house calls are available from external doctors by telephoning 1800 466 347.
After Hours care is also available by attending Nepean Hospital Casualty Department (ph 4734 2000) or patients may call an ambulance on 000.
House Calls are available for regular patients during normal hours when their
condition prevents them from attending the surgery.
High Street Family Doctors is fully accredited with AGPAL (Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited). Accreditation is a comprehensive and stringent process which ensures standards of excellence in all aspects of medical care.
We welcome your ideas on improvements to our service.